Alan Lee

Senior Investment Manager

Alan Lee is the Senior Investment Manager for Excell Partners, Inc. He is responsible for leading due diligence for Excell’s investments and evaluating investment opportunities. Alan comes with deep knowledge in finance, corporate strategy and product development. With his prior experience in venture capital, he brings a thorough understanding of the technology commercialization process to Excell.

Alan started his career in management consulting at AMS (merged with CGI later) for tax authorities and for national lending institutions. Subsequently, he was active in the Chinese venture capital arena. He led a Chinese media company’s strategic expansion and corporate restructuring effort for its successful listing in Toronto Venture Exchange. In Rochester, Alan served as manager for strategic and product developments for commercializing a search engine. He is also one of the founders for a data mining startup.

Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Information System Management from SUNY Binghamton and his MBA in Finance and Corporate Accounting from the Simon Graduate School of Business at University of Rochester. In addition, Alan is completing Level 3 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Excell Partners, Inc.

Excell Partners is an affiliate of the University of Rochester. It is a seed stage fund that invests in technologies emerging from the communities and universities across upstate New York. With over $14 million under management, Excell has invested in 48 companies across multiple industry sectors. Excell is one of only six venture firms in New York State to receive funding from Empire State Development Corporation’s Innovate NY fund.