Providing Seed Capital For Growth

Investment Portfolio

Below is a list of companies funded by Excell Partners, Inc. The fund has no limitation on technology/company origin, but if an investment is made, the businesses must locate and remain in New York State for at least three years post-investment. Special consideration will be given to companies which are not only headquartered here, but which also outsource their manufacturing and various services to other Upstate NY companies. To be considered for investment, a pre-seed or seed stage company must satisfy certain criteria.

Rochester NY

Adarza BioSystems, Inc, Rochester NY

Adarza BioSystems, Inc is an early stage medical diagnostics company developing a rapid and label-free biological assay platform for measuring clinical and point-of-care (POC) samples. In addition to performing sophisticated clinical tests within minutes, this technology is fully arrayable, potentially allowing hundreds of tests to be run simultaneously on a single chip. This proprietary platform technology will enable not only the next generation of clinical devices, but will revolutionize the medical diagnostics field. Ultimately, we envision this technology driving a broad range of devices from future in-home diagnostics where the patient will self-diagnose illness with minimal physician input, to large-scale customizable research grade instrumentation. Adarza's proprietary chip-based platform, Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry (AIR), achieves high sensitivity by detecting intensity changes in images of antireflective chips functionalized with highly specific detection molecules (proteins, DNA, etc.).

Advantage Home Telehealth, Inc., Buffalo NY

Advantage Home Telehealth, Inc. offers a comprehensive technology and services solution to facilitate mobile, paperless, remote patient monitoring thereby improving overall patient health, peace of mind and ability to age in place, while lowering healthcare costs from anywhere, anytime.
Rochester NY

American Fuel Cell, Rochester NY

American Fuel Cell is the premier supplier of individually tailored Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) for multiple Fuel Cell Applications.
New York City

Augmate, New York City

Augmate is the first wearable platform that accelerates the development of cloud-based smart eyewear applications. The company's development environment allows their customers to build applications that integrate with enterprise backend services and a variety of API plug-ins. These capabilities enhance the user experience for the deskless workers that utilize our applications, allowing them to do the work that really matters.

Cerebral Assessment Systems, LLC., Rochester NY

Process technology for the evaluation of drug treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other afflictions.
Rochester NY

Cerion Enterprises, LLC, Rochester NY

Cerion's core expertise is in high performance nanomaterial design and industrial scale manufacturing. We are chemists, theoreticians, engineers, and executives intent on the fulfillment of the so-called Nanotechnology Revolution; a movement that has been hampered for decades by product inconsistency, flawed commercialization, and the widespread inability to manufacture performance nanomaterials at industrial scale. We are not just a research & development company. Cerion is focused on using our expertise in nanotechnology to partner with global companies to improve the performance of current and near-term products. We provide premium lab-to-market solutions for our multi-national industrial partners.
Ithaca NY

Conamix, Inc., Ithaca NY

Conamix is commercializing new Cornell technology that has the potential to dramatically increase the performance of lithium ion batteries. Based at the McGovern Center for Venture Development at Cornell, Conamix was founded in 2014 and was a member of the first class of technologies advanced through the NEXUS-NY clean energy proof of concept center administered by High Tech Rochester.
Rochester NY

CypherWorX, Rochester NY

The NP Training Works team understands that small businesses and nonprofits are stretched further every day. We know how it feels to try to accomplish too much with too little. We provide an alternative branded Learning Management System Partnership option designed for small business and nonprofit professionals. We work as a behind-the-scenes partner with small business service providers and professional associations to help you deliver cost- and mission-effective eLearning products to your customers and members. Our courses bring the best training experiences to busy professionals in their home, work or anywhere they can connect to the internet.
Rochester NY

Diffinity Genomics, Rochester NY

Cost effective test kits for genetic diagnostics and human genetic screening. Primary applications for prenatal and newborn screening. Secondary application for disease diagnostics (early detection). Third application for pharmacogenomics.
Rochester NY

EET Diesel Systems, Inc., Rochester NY

Developing a low temperature, energy efficient, catalyst-free, non-filter diesel particulate matter removal system which offers a more effective and less expensive means of meeting the EPA's emission standards for diesel engines.
Rochester/Buffalo NY

Efferent Labs, Rochester/Buffalo NY

Efferent Labs is a development stage company focused on biosensor systems for life sciences.. Our proprietary technology is the CytoComm™ Living Biosensor System, an in-vivo, real time monitoring system for biological signaling of cellular responses.
Rochester NY

EkoStinger, Rochester NY

EkoStinger offers their aerodynamic trailer system to the trucking industry. The system moves with the truck tandem, keeping aerodynamics consistent through the full range of motion, saving fuel at all tandem placements and trailer loads. EkoStinger technologies create better results!

First Wave Products Group, Buffalo NY

Thanks to First Crush, meals and meds are a more enjoyable experience - for your patients, staff and you! With the simple push of a button, First Crush's patented automatic, dual-action crusher/ grinder, consistently gives you over 200% more fine powder than the next leading pill crusher. That means no residue left in the "bag", fewer spit-outs, reduced risk of clogging feeding tubes, and ultimately faster med passes - not to mention it takes only seconds.
Syracuse NY

Full Circle Feed, Syracuse NY

The idea behind Full Circle Feed was developed by Michael Amadori for his M.S. thesis in Ecological Engineering at the SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY. Fish feed pellets were created using human food leftovers from the campus dining hall. The fish were grown in an aquaponic system where the tank water provides nutrients and is cleaned by a gravel bed growing vegetable crops. From a waste product he created three value added goods: fish, vegetables, and feed pellets.
Ithaca NY

GiveGab, Ithaca NY

GiveGab is the social network for volunteers and volunteer managers. GiveGab helps volunteers find volunteer opportunities they're passionate about in their local community and beyond, log volunteer hours, communicate with friends and create a volunteer resume. Volunteer managers at nonprofits, schools, alumni associations and businesses can use GiveGab to create and manage events, promote their programs, recruit volunteers, track volunteer hours and report on all the good they're doing in their communities.

Glauconix Biosciences, Albany NY

Glauconix Biosciences is a specialty pharma research company that uses an innovative platform technology to reduce the cost of ophthalmic drug development.

Graphenix Development, Inc., Buffalo NY

Graphene Devices Ltd. (GDL) is developing graphene applications with its partners in a variety of markets. GDL focuses on the chemistry and science needed to utilize graphene and other advanced materials in existing products to increase performance, margin, and the competitive advantages of our partners' product lines. GDL also jointly develops new devices and products that leverage our partners' and our competitive advantages. Current markets that are targeted for development are: advanced graphene-based energy storage, printable electronics, and novel composites.
Rochester NY

Grey Spyder, LLC, Rochester NY

By mining information from global databases, social media networks and the Dark Web, Grey Spyder helps individuals, corporations, landlords and government agencies identify, verify and monitor people who pose a threat to safety and security.
New York City

GRYT Health, New York City

GRYT is a digital health company created for one purpose: to help cancer patients and caregivers find the help they’re looking for at the time they’re looking for it. Each of us faced cancer as a young adult and struggled to find the resources to save, and then rebuild, our life. We are dedicated to making that journey easier to navigate for today’s cancer patients and their caregivers. Using mobile technology, we connect them to the information they need to make informed decisions about their health, at every stage of their cancer journey.
Rochester NY

IMSWorkX, Rochester NY

IMSWorkX is a reliable source for dependable and flexible voice services solutions. The company provides a fresh approach to delivering cost effective, feature-rich, enhanced next generation network services.
New York City

Kinvolved, New York City

Kinvolved’s mobile and web app, KiNVO, enables K-12 school staff to access informative attendance data and to engage families through real-time, translated, text messaging.
Rochester NY

Koning Corporation, Rochester NY

The Koning vision is to create a revolution in medical imaging through our advanced Computed Tomography Technology. We believe our Koning Breast CT will dramatically improve the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast tissue. Future versions of our technology are expected to optimize early disease detection, diagnosis, intervention and treatment in numerous areas of the body. Out hope is to be able to improve survival rates and outcomes for millions of patients. The power, versatility and lower costs of Koning Scanners will serve as a viable substitute for many traditional x-ray projection and mammography imaging applications.
New York City NY

Lexifone, New York City NY

Lexifone is The world’s first over-the-phone in-call translator for both inbound and outbound calls, offered as Software-as-a-Service to individuals and businesses across the world. The company developed an effective and affordable solution that allows for voice to voice translation and a worldwide telephony platform to facilitate calls.
Ithaca NY

Mezmeriz, Ithaca NY

Mezmeriz has developed a unique MEMS module which can be embedded into smartphones and mobile electronics to enable gesture UI, 3D depth photography, and interactive projection. The first product demonstration of Mezmeriz's unique carbon-fiber MEMS micro-mirror platform is an embeddable pico projector which produces a massive 15" diagonal video from less than 5" away. By combining with red, green, and blue laser light, this MEMS module projects large, high quality, daylight visible, vivid, color video, that is always in focus - at just a few inches away from a smartphone. This allows any nearby surface--a wall, or nearby table to become a large, interactive screen. Smartphone users will no longer have to settle for squinting at tiny screens to enjoy their media. With a Memzeriz projector module, the will be able to enjoy a tablet-like visual experience from their smartphones, and still fit the phone in their pockets.

MICROrganic Technologies, Troy NY

MICROrganic Technologies is a privately held company, founded in 2010, focused on successfully scaling and bringing to market BES offerings for wastewater treatment applications. Cleaning the world's ever-increasing wastewater output in a way that cost effectively expands antiquated infrastructure is an enormous challenge, one in which BES will play a pivotal role. The company includes a growing team of full-time employees and interns advancing the technology through the application of proprietary innovations centered around materials, operational programs, inoculation, and manufacturing method. The Company works with a range of academic and professional institutions that help in it's efforts.
Rochester NY

Molecular Glasses, Inc., Rochester NY

Our unique technology enables us to design NONcrystallizable™ molecular glasses for superior performance. We have the ability to take our clients favorite material sets and convert them to noncrystallizable and soluble materials without affecting their original photo physical properties.
Geneva NY

OSM Environmental, Geneva NY

OSM Environmental manufactures and sells a full line of patented, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly spill clean up products, including loose granular as well as universal and hydrophobic pads. All of our products start with a biodegradable base of recycled agricultural material which has proven to be exponentially more absorbent than the traditional clay-based options without sacrificing performance. That means you can do more with less!
Rochester NY

PharmAdva, Rochester NY

PharmAdva offers a product that provides improved quality of life for patients along with peace of mind for their loved ones, caregivers, and prescribing physicians. They make it easy for a caregiver to load and program the device, and for the patient to take his/her medications on time, as prescribed.
New York City

Rialto Trading, New York City

Rialto is an all-to-all trading network that delivers next generation fixed income trading capabilities through advanced technology. Rialto's trading platform gives institutional traders the tools to source and execute fixed income trades in completely dark and anonymous fashion, allowing traders to discreetly buy and sell large block fixed income positions with mitigated market impact.
Rochester NY

Rivalries Unlimited LLC, Rochester NY

Rivalries Unlimited LLC is an early-stage marketing technology startup in the process of launching an exciting and powerful social gaming and brand engagement platform, playVS., for millennials.
Rochester NY

Sanabit Technologies, Rochester NY

A non-invasive medical device which uses safe levels of magnetic fields to stimulate the efficiency of the mitochondria for accelerating tissue closure and bone healing.

SensiVida Medical Technologies, Canandaigua NY

Microsystem technology that reduces the invasiveness, complexity and cost of medical tests through miniaturization and automation. Primary application: allergy test (reduces test time by 75%). Secondary application: glucose monitoring chip.
Rochester NY

Sensor Films, Inc., Rochester NY

Sensor Films Inc. has developed a breakthrough production process that produces invisible electrical circuitry on transparent films as an alternative to ITO. SFI is set to dramatically improve touch sensors that are a ubiquitous part of every smartphone and tech screen.
Albany NY

SnagMobile, Albany NY

SnagMobile is a suite of free software apps that brings your menu directly to your customer's phone. With SnagMobile, your guests can use their smart phones to order food, drinks and anything else you'd like to add to your digital menu. From there, your customers can choose to have their order delivered to them or pick it up at a location that you designate. Offer your guests the convenience they deserve by installing SnagMobile today.

Splyce, Inc., Rochester

Splyce gives e-sports fans new ways to engage with e-sports content, players and teams. Splyce is enhancing the way fans watch e-sports. They do this by consolidating information, enabling new e-sports experiences, and building a global pro-team brand with broad international fan appeal. Splyce is one of the key leaders of the incredible growth of the next biggest form of entertainment. They are already an influential member of an industry that boasts larger viewership numbers than the NBA Finals and NCAA Final Four.

Strong Arm Technologies, Rochester NY

StrongArm Technologies develops breakthroughs in worker safety, strength, and endurance. Our goal is to help the tens of millions of industrial workers worldwide who do physically challenging tasks in extreme environments to enable higher levels of safety, performance, and health. Industrial workers are expected to perform with strength, agility, and endurance at the level of professional athletes. Our mission is to make sure the industrial athletes of today arrive home in better health and spirit to ensure a better tomorrow. Workers are not afforded the benefit of athletic equipment to prevent injuries and maximize their performance. As a result, StrongArm is inventing new devices and methods to bridge the gap between performance and safety.
Rochester NY

TenCar, Inc., Rochester NY

Tencar develops ostomy appliances for active-lifestyle colostomy and ileostomy patients. The Choice Cap™ System provides patients with a “double flanged” attachment method, which includes a lightweight, airtight, molded waterproof cap to be worn with or without the traditional soft inner pouch.
Ithaca NY

Tetragenetics, Inc., Ithaca NY

Tetragenetics harnesses the unique capabilities of the protozoa Tetrahymena thermophila to produce recombinant proteins for the biopharmaceutical industry. With our world-class science team, we are rapidly advancing the knowledge surrounding this important organism and discovering new and important applications for its use.
Stony Brook NY

Traverse Biosciences, Stony Brook NY

Traverse Biosciences is commercializing novel drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and related conditions affecting humans and companion animals. Its lead candidate, TRB-N0224, is envisioned as the first FDA-approved, once-daily, edible prescription medication for the prevention and control of canine periodontal disease.
Rochester NY

Viggi Corp, Rochester NY

Viggi Corp is a new line of children's products that inspires creative play and active exploration while learning. Childhood is an exciting time of learning new things, exploring the world and shaping the person they will grow up to be. Viggi Corps' products are made to help that process along by promoting healthy behaviors and celebrating the natural quirks of being a little human. Located in Rochester, NY, Viggi Corp is surrounded by a rich manufacturing, design and educational community. Viggi Corp is initially offering two different educational products. The first is Vidget™, a modular chair that inspires children to move naturally. The second product is Digit WidgitT™, an educational math toy that allows children to enter a world where the numbers can be seen, touched, and manipulated. Viggi’s inventors and founders, Sandra & Christalyn, met while they were both studying Industrial Design at RIT. Both shared a passion for helping children with design and were independently creating objects to be used in learning environments. A little while later, the dream of Viggi Corp was born. Creating play environments that help to stimulate and foster children’s learning is the foundation of their designs. Viggi Corp takes a "whole child approach" targeted toward not just literacy learning but also inspiring the child's creativity, imagination and self-confidence.

vitaMe Technologies, Ithaca NY

vitaMe Technologies is a New York based start-up commercializing technologies developed at Cornell University. We believe that informed health leads to improved health, and creates smartphone accessories to help its costumers lead healthier lives. Our first product, the pH2 system, allows users to monitor the pH of their sweat and saliva.
Rochester NY

WavoDyne Therapeutics, Inc., Rochester NY

WavoDyne Therapeutics Inc. is a new company formed for the purpose of commercializing a group of novel small molecule therapeutics which have displayed exceptional potency in preclinical models for the treatment of memory and cognitive disorders resulting from neuroinflammatory processes.
Ithaca NY

Yorango, Inc., Ithaca NY

Yorango was founded in June of 2012 to provide an alternative platform to sketchy, out-dated classifieds sites. Finding housing shouldn't take up weeks of your time - Yorango allows you to discover spaces visually and secure a place right away. Submit intelligent offers using Yorango's price recommendations based on historical data. The seller will make a decision within 24 hours so you're not left hanging. Taking advantage of our auto-negotiate feature eliminates weeks of going back and forth between you and the seller. If you have multiple confirmed bids, choose the one you like most. No need to mail checks and payment will only be sent out after your approval. If you hate printing/scanning/emailing back contracts, legal documents can be submitted right on Yorango.