Viggi Corp., Rochester, NY

Viggi Corp is a new line of children’s products that inspires creative play and active exploration while learning. Childhood is an exciting time of learning new things, exploring the world and shaping the person they will grow up to be. Viggi Corps’ products are made to help that process along by promoting healthy behaviors and celebrating the natural quirks of being a little human. Located in Rochester, NY, Viggi Corp is surrounded by a rich manufacturing, design and educational community.

Viggi Corp is initially offering two different educational products. The first is Vidget™, a modular chair that inspires children to move naturally. The second product is Digit WidgitT™, an educational math toy that allows children to enter a world where the numbers can be seen, touched, and manipulated.

Viggi’s inventors and founders, Sandra & Christalyn, met while they were both studying Industrial Design at RIT. Both shared a passion for helping children with design and were independently creating objects to be used in learning environments. A little while later, the dream of Viggi Corp was born. Creating play environments that help to stimulate and foster children’s learning is the foundation of their designs. Viggi Corp takes a “whole child approach” targeted toward not just literacy learning but also inspiring the child’s creativity, imagination and self-confidence.