Ron Goettler

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research - Simon Business School, University of Rochester

Ron is the senior associate dean of Faculty and Research and the James N. Doyle Sr. Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. His research spans quantitative marketing, industrial organization, and finance, with an emphasis on structural econometric methods to understand consumer and firm behavior. He is particularly interested in high-tech industries, focusing on the relationship between competition and innovation and on the marketing of new products. He also serves on the board of directors for the Simon Venture Fund, a student-run venture capital fund.

Ron’s research has been published in various academic journals including the Journal of Political Economy, the RAND Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Marketing Research. His paper Equilibrium in a Dynamic Limit Order Market, which appeared in the Journal of Finance, was nominated for the journal’s Smith-Breeden Prize and won the NYSE award for the best paper on equity trading at the 2004 Western Finance Association Meeting. Before joining the Simon School in 2012, Ron was an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Chicago.